ISST, founded on 26th October 2008, is the center for sports education. ISST is the first institute in INDIA providing courses in Sports Education & Sports Management Education. Modern sport covers a broad range of areas, be it ethics, medicine, technology, finance, law, education or sociology, to name a few. In this beginning of a new era, sport is in urgent need of highly competent, well trained and experienced sport administrators. ISST with its modern course structure will provide a launch pad for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of sports. The “ISST” will have a unique network of multi-field expertise; it will develop and apply knowledge to the study of sports in connection with technology, management, medicine, biology, law, economics, logistics and sociology, to name just a few. ISST supports sport innovations, technology transfer and business development.


ISST envisions becoming the supreme centre for sports, fitness & performing arts education, development, technology & research which will inculcate a sporting culture and a feeling of well-being in the society.


ISST is India’s first dedicated sports & fitness education institute which provides professional courses in sports management and allied sports & fitness education, determined to develop athletes, managers and other sport-support staff. Our mission is to reach out to those individuals interested in making a career in sports & fitness & provide them professional guidance through our various courses & services.


ISST is collectively formed on the principles of hard-work, determination, discipline, team-work and a profound passion for sports, which are a must for any sport organization.

ISST is a VMax Sports & Fitness Venture



“In this new era, modern sport consists of various fields integrated in the field of management which is very different from the traditional style of sports. An individual must be precisely perfect in all such fields in order to be a successful sports administrator”

- Dr. P.C Shejwalkar

  • Dr. P. C. Shejwalkar is the Ex-Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Pune.
  • Professor Emeritus of Commerce & Management Sciences, University of Pune.
  • Ex-Dean, Faculty of Commerce, University of Pune.
  • President ASM & Director, Institute of Management Education (IME).
  • Has over 50 years of experience in the management education industry.
  • 81 Students have already secured PhD degree with Dr. P. C Shejwalkar as their research guide.
  • Been Awarded the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar (Life Time Achievement Award) by the University of Pune.
  • Been Awarded the Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar (Life Time Achievement Award) by the Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune.
  • He was the first to bring Management Education to Pune at IMDR in 1962 and is known as the 'Godfather of Management Education'.


“Every individual must dedicate some time to sports. Being involved in any Sport is surely a way to gain happiness. It generates creativity and boosts confidence”

- Mrs. Ujwala P. Lunawat

  • Mrs. Ujwala P. Lunawat has been involved in sports since 1973.
  • FIBA Level 01 Coaching cerification in Basketball.
  • Head Coach, Basketball, Kaveri Sports Centre & ISST Sports Academy, Pune.
  • She is a National Gold Medalist in Basketball, and has a deep passion for sports.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Award winner for developing sports infrastructure in Pune.
  • Former Member of the Maharashtra Rajya Krida Parishad (Maharashtra State Sports Council).
  • Coached 1000+ students in Basketball since 2011.


“Sports has taken a broader scope in this era, it is vital to cope with the changing trends in the sports industry and hence we should have a planned, management oriented approach in order to be successful in the fast developing sports field”

- Dr. Vipul Lunawat

  • Ph.D in Sports Management from SES, Pune, 2016
  • MSc, Electronics graduate from University of Pune and MBA from the Institute of Management Education(IME), Pune.
  • Has a Level 02 coaching certification from Australian Ice Racing (AIR) in Short Track Speed Ice skating, & certified by Olympic Solidarity, Melbourne, Australia, 2014.
  • Was part of the Indian contingent as a coach for the Short Track Speed Skating teams at the Singapore Open, 2014 and the Thailand Open Championships, 2013.
  • Competed in Roller Skating World Championships in Venezuela-2003 as a part of the Indian Junior Team.
  • Competed in Roller Skating International Championships in Ostend, Belgium-2001, Serpa, Portugal-2001.
  • National medalist in RSFI Senior Mens in Inline Speed Skating.
  • Head Coach, Roller & Ice Skating at Kaveri Sports Centre and ISST Sports Academy, Pune.
  • Coached 3000+ students in roller skating since 2004.
  • Certification in the International Skating Union (ISU) Regional Officials Course for Short Track Speed Ice Skating.
  • Has keen interest in adventure sports like sky diving, bungy jumping, rock climbing etc.
  • Has been involved in organizing various world class sports events, since 2004.
""There is a large demand for educated sports administrators & managers in the fast growing sports industry. We at ISST, with our exclusive course content and eminent faculty are determined to provide our students with the best possible education and opportunities, to develop their career in the sport industry. I welcome you all to become a part of this wonderful process and to work for the betterment of sport in India and abroad."
- Dr. Vipul Lunawat, Director, ISST